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Wednesday, 18 April 2012


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Food detective

Is this the same Ba Le that you waited for an hour for a sandwich?


Hi TFD - No that was Farm Market and Sandwiches:

They replaced Ba Le

David Green

So sad to see another restaurant closed. These days it isn´t too unexpected as the ecomonic climate doesn´t lend itself to eating out much. When money is scarce people eat at home. Fact of life.


Your homemade meal had me at the first pic!!! But lost me at the natto :(

Where do you get tako from? The sashimi looks beautiful and the tofu looks sooo refreshing!


Now living in AZ, but still eating home-made "Hawaiian Style" stuff:
1. Hawaiian style chow fun, both Chinese restuarant style with look funn noodles, and delicatessen style with Hula Brand noodles.
2. Beef stew and rice: Both tomato sauce gravy and curry style.
3. Home-made ahi poke and ika/natto temake.
4. And tonight, gonna have home cooked steamed chicken with ginger/garlic/green onion/oil sauce (over par boiled won bok), steamed lup chong, and sin choy with squid.


Your homemade meals always look way better than anything I do for homemade meals. If my meals looked like yours I'd be eating at home all the time too. I love how you say "Just tako sashimi" when it's such a mouth watering picture!

Hannah J

Beautiful looking dishes! Very pretty!


Hi David - Yes, it's a sign of the times.

Hi Faye - It was an impulse buy at Marukai. I was there when they just brought it out. It's not too bad if slice it very thinly.

Hi Alan - Man, you're eating real well! I have a couple of packages of Hula Brand Chow Fun......I'm pretty usre I'll make it now.

Hi Kirbie - I find that I eat less when I try to make it look as nice as possbile....sounds strange and i'm not quite sure why.

Thanks Hannah! I hope things are going well for you!

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