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Wednesday, 25 April 2012


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I can smell the garlic wings from here. Mandarine House?


they look darn good from here...hope you can get your hands on some good wings!


Hi Kirk, looking forward in reading more of your wing finds. The last photo, makes me want to sprinkle those bits over rice!


Hi TFD - Mandarin Canton.......

Hi Kat - These were all kinda disappointing...

Hi Dennis - Funny you should mention that. My good friend's wife actually does that!


those wings in the last photo look like they're from mandarin in cv! @dennis, i've done that before, putting the garlic bits with rice. salty and spicy!


I had Luong Hai Ky and had the exact same experience :(

Phuong Trang still has THE best wings IMO. Your one post about them all that time ago got me addicted to them :)


You got that one right CC! You must be a S&PCW pro!

Hi Faye - I think the portion size of the butter wings from PT is quite large, but it's a bit too crumbly for me! Glad you found a favorite though!


Aw, too bad the wings weren't as good as they look in the pictures. Nonetheless, I'm drooling and now have a serious craving for wings.


Hi Carol - Actually, I'm kinda craving some myself!

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