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Sunday, 04 December 2011



That's a lot of chicken for 4 bucks! Crazy, I haven't heard of this place before. I want to go try their Katsudon. I shall... :)


Their katsudon is very good. During winters, I am very fond of their nabeyaki udon - which is pure heaven.


Wow, that is a lot of chicken for the bang. Yum, sunomono and seaweed salad! I always order those whenever it's on the menu.


Hi again, I just came back from dinner, haha! As Adam says the katsudon is good here. Flavored on the sweet side but I enjoy that. They take credit cards. Bonus.


I drive by this place all the time and have always wondered about it. Thanks so much for yet another great tip! And BTW the menu reminds me so much of the old Suehiro on King Street (before it was prettified and turned into Gyotaku).


Hi Dennis- I'm glad to see you went right out and tried the food here! I had seen signage that they stopped taking credit cards; maybe there is a minimum- must return soon. Yes, the katsudon has a sweet-edge to it. The nabeyaki is very good and addicting, Adam. Welcome to the commenting side of our blog. Yes, Carol-sunomono and seaweed is an automatic order for me too. This is a great place, James. So glad you had noticed the signage. It's kind of lost in that mall. "Prettified" is my new word of the day!

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