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Thursday, 03 November 2011


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Fish Boutique. It is-A boutique, selling and serving fish.:



Thanks for the menu photo! I was wondering what they served.


Ooh. right in my backyard too.


This place opened recently, and I haven't gotten around to trying it. I had heard that the food was on the pricer side. The sit-down area looks very upscale!


hi cathy - i saw their coupon somewhere (the reader i think) swanky! love the black chandeliers. you'd never think they sell fish there. i wish this place was closer to me, haha!


I used to put photos of menus all the time, Soo; need to get back in the habit. Sorry it's so murky, but enlarging helps to read.
You need to-and can easily- try it, Janfrederick. Look for coupons in your local paper and the Reader.
It is 'fancy' for the area, Sandy. I do think if it was in a different location, people would willingly pay even higher prices; the food really is that good.
Yes- coupon without an expiration date in the Reader, cc. Straight up the 15 to Mira Mesa Blvd. and make a right then the next right into the shopping area. You will like the food here.


I love the pics of the quiche! Looks fabulous. All your menu pics are great!


Looks good except for the bread used for the shrimp sandwich.


Hi Cathy! I have their coupon pinned to my board but have yet to stop by since the reviews I've read so far have been quite mixed. I wanted to stop by to check out their fish selection but thought I'd wait a little while longer for them to work out the kinks.


The bread was fresh, dense and chewy, nhb. It did taste good but I didn't think it went with the delicate shrimp...would have been too filling.
Hi Carol. The people working were very attentive and asked for feedback. Using the two for one would make it cost considerably less even if there were kinks. I've heard the crab cakes are heaven.


The interior dining area reminds me of a clothing boutique or makeup counter! The food looks great, although I prefer beer batter for fish rather than crumb coating.


Hi Alyssa. The decor is a bit different and unexpected for a fish store and restaurant. The breaded fish was fresh, made really well and tasted so good; I didn't even think about beer batter.


Got the king crab feast, cioppino, fish and chips, calamari, and clam chowder last night for Mother's Day dinner. King crab feast and cioppino were excellent especially for the price. $28 for the crab feast. Huge portion for two people to share. $17 for cioppino. Large portion for one. The cioppino had clams, mussels, shrimp, one scallop. Everything was cooked perfectly. The crab legs were perfect as well. Fish and chips $10 and calamari $9 were done well, but the clam chowder $6 wasn't creamy enough. Dessert was good for $6. I will definitely come back for the crab feast and cioppino. The prices are reasonable for how nice the decor is. However, it is confusing because the decor and fish market don't seem to go together. Hopefully, they're still in business because it wasn't that busy even though it was Mother's Day.


The meal sounds wonderful, Lilly; a perfect special day. We went for lunch last week and it wasn't crowded. The quality is so worth the price and I hope Fish Boutique stays in business. Welcome to the commenting side of our blog.

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