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Sunday, 23 October 2011



Hi Kirk! Too bad about the hot dog but that roast beef sandwich looks delicious!


I'll consider this a "preview"...I was planning to check this place out since I have a coupon for it (as well as Aria Kabob). The horsy beef sandwich looks like something I'd try but not the lukewarm hot dog.


two out of three definitely isn't bad.


Hi Carol - It was a decetn sandwich and worth the price.

Hi CC - You know, I haven't been to Aria in a while....I need to check them out.

Not bad at all Kat!


Nice review! This place really reminds me of a where i get lunch from very often. iI I worked nearby it looks like the kinda place I'd go to 2 or 3 times a week to get a reasonably price lunch.


Hi Jason - Yeah, this place is reasonable and serves up pretty solid fare.


The original TMB:


The sad thing is Jan, I'm old enough to remember seeing that commercial when it first came out.


Hey Kirk, PedMa here....have you tried Liang's Kitchen yet?


Hi PedMa - Yes I have......


How was it? Have not tried yet...


Found out it is a chain, makes me suspicious


You should be PedMa.....

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