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Thursday, 12 May 2011



I love this place for what it is. Cheap fast and filling. Wish they would open one in east or south SD. Your post makes me want to try the bbq meats and dumping soup though.


hi cathy - the grocery store is thuan phat (phuong trang is a restaurant on convoy). :)
i've always wanted to go to yum cha but was deterred by the long lines. i'll have to try this place too. good prices on the food there!


Hi, dd. There is better dim sum, especially if you compare side by side, but I guess I order the 'safe' items and am never disappointed with the meals I get here. I'd patronize another location, especially if closer.
Thanks for catching the typo, cc. I was writing a Phuong Trang post and didn't double check myself on this one. There are lines at certain times of the day, but also 'off' times. Before 1130 and after 130 on weekdays is good, as well as after 2 on weekends.

ed (from Yuma)

I am so jonesing for dim sum. Some day soon I will have some time off, but right now something fast and cheap like Yum Cha looks so good.


I have found myself stopping in whenever I am driving by, ed...


I can't get over the prices! They're like a third of the price of dim sum here!


This is one place I really enjoy so nice to see a post with some of my faves.

Some people complain it is not gourmet but that is not why to go there :/


It isn't a fancy place, Su-Lin, you can see plastic and styrofoam. I go out to eat for the food, not the fancy and am happy when I stop here.

I do write about where I eat, Chris. Again, atmosphere and view is never a consideration. Having a good meal is.


10 dumplings and soup for $1.99, I'm in!


It's worth it for the dumplings alone, Darren. The broth, this time, wasn't great. Welcome to the commenting side of our blog.

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