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Monday, 30 May 2011


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ed (from Yuma)

For a second, I thought you'd found a banh mi in Istanbul.


Exploring markets is always fun! Great pix as always!


LOL Ed..... yeah, it kinda looks like one, huh?

Hi CC - There's no faster way of learning about the local folks then to check out a market.


just had a pastrami sandwich for lunch....the market looks like a great place!


Hi Kat - It sure was a lively place........ I think the Missus will say that pastirma and "Western" pastrami are totally different.


I first read "pastrami" then had to do a double take. The sandwich looks a lot like a banh mi!


The meze selection is making my head explode, I would have wanted to try everything(clearly not possible). The missus must have had a tough time picking which items to try =)


Hi Rosa - The more I look at it...the more I agree!

Hi Lynnea - Yes, the Missus was doing some, "how about that.... no wait....ummm" ;o)

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