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Monday, 24 January 2011



glad you got your email sorted :) liking your new toy, hope to see more grilled items here.


That's too funny Kirk, I was just looking at these tonight and took a few photos, haha.


Hi Kat - I'm so sorry about any inconvenience.... and I do hope things are sorted out.

That's funny Dennis! But hey, great minds, right? ;o)


Kurt: A question for you. What is the difference between a hichirin and a hibachi? Growing up, our family and friends always used the word hichirin.


I wonder if the wife would let me do this in the house...


Hi Alan - I believe that they call charcoal grills Hibachi in North America. In Japan a hibachi is a charcoal heating device, not necessarily a grill. Charcoal grills are called Shichirin in Japan.

Hi Billy - If you have a table outside, you can grill on that. So long you insulate the heat from burning the table.


no wonder i got that wierd email.i ended up deleting it because the subject title was some suspicious jibberish.

hey, are those quail eggs on a stick?


Hi CC - Yes, quail eggs grilled over binchotan.


Are those grilled anchovies? I've been on an anchovie kick lately, eating it almost every day.


Hi Carol - Those are actually shishamo - smelt. The Missus loves them!

The Food Detective

UUU, I'm going to get one this Friday. I hope they still have it. I can't wait to do quail eggs and bat-wings.


Hey TFD - If you don't see items in boxes on the display, ask.... they have more in the back!

Hannah J

Hmmm... can I guess? Is it Okan? Or did I miss a previous post that these photos came from?? :P I am just guessing from the plates... LOL... I've eaten there too many times and seen an empty plate too often :D

So, is your email back to normal?
Also, I have a totally unrelated question. I don't go out for dim sum too often... I was actually initiated by going to LUCKY STAR, so I thought that dim sum was served all day! What the heck! Haha.(I FINALLY went to Emerald's..) and now I crave dim sum in the evening... where the heck can I get my fix in Kearny Mesa?

Hannah J

Also, I can't stop laughing at "GOLDEN SAND MYSTICAL BALLS". WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!?


Hi Hannah - Check out China Max - they do menu dim sum.... you might miss the chaotic craziness, but I think they're pretty good. Otherwise, you'll probably have to a trip to LA.The photos were from Yakiyudori...... they may buy the same plate as Okan? ;o) And thankfully, my email is back to normal!

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