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Wednesday, 23 June 2010


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Dinners with Friends - Revisits to Mariscos Los Koras and Halmouny (Hal Mu Ni), and some well wishes for Ed from Yuma....:



What a feeding frenzy...


what a feast! hope Ed feels better soon!


Look both ways before crossing the kitchen floor.....


Hi Bill - It was quite an amount of food.

Hey Kat - Me too!

Sage advice Ken! ;o)


I've broken several bones, and I must say, the easiest to deal with was the tip of my pinky (long story).

Get better soon Ed. Thank goodness it was your left arm. Hope it was a clean break.


Mmmm...Gul Bossam...

I've never had egg in my Galbi Jjim...hrm. Then again, I'm pretty sure I make a "hacked" version of it, guesstimating what my Mom does since I've never been around to watch her make it; I just eat the result. :D

Awww, poor Ed! Hope his arm mends quickly.


Oh and I'm curious...what exactly does the "delici-yoso dance" look like?

Wonder if it's anything like my "happy kitty" dance...


Hi Jan - Hopefully Ed recovers quickly.....

Hi Rosa - This Galbi Jjim was ok, but not as good as what I had before.... I've never had boiled egg in mine either. As for Ed's "delici-yoso dance", I first described it in this post:

Basically, "he closes his eyes, raised his arms to a perpendicular angle, goes "mmmmm", and sways back and forth"


Hi Kirk! Gorgeous pictures from Los Koras, and I didn't even take any of them! ;-)

ed (from Yuma)

Thanks everyone for the nice comments. Maybe that fall will teach me to not be so clumsy, I hope, maybe. It certainly keeps me from doing the mmm-yoso dance at the present time!! I really did enjoy the Korean food with Kirk, and Tina and I went back last weekend and had another good meal at that restaurant. Very friendly service. Well, I've got to get back to working on that other post for the blog. You know what they say, you have to get back on the horse after it's bucked you off.


Was there hot sauce?

Feel better, Ed!


Looks like a good meal! Glad to hear you're on the mend, Ed.


Hi Jenne - I'm sure the photos would have been even better had you taken them! ;o)

Hey Ed - Rest and get well..... I think we've got a whole new generation of folks who never saw the "dance".

Hi Tammy - Where? Tons of different hot sauces at Los Koras. You can always get kochujang, but just dumping hot sauce on something isn't always the solution.

Hi Carol - Dinner with friends is always fun.

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