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Thursday, 13 May 2010


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I've only been to this place once and it was alright or maybe it was there boiled shrimp appetizer that was so salty. What you ordered sure does look good makes me want grill some more seafood this weekend.


Hi bill! I think the steamed in cajun spice stuff is kind of odd here-and yes, too salty in flavor. Probably sells more alcohol...I'm probably going to do some kind of seafood also. Yay! It's the weekend.

Food Coma

You have got to be kidding. This place is utter garbage. Fried, starchy, lumps of crap. C'mon now. You can do better than this.


so where's the crab?


As I said, you could taste all the seafood and onions under the very light, properly fried breading, Food Coma. I did want to stress that fact in this post. I post about what I ate and if I liked it or not; I liked this meal. Welcome to the commenting side of the blog.
The crab cake on top of the salad, Ron. It was *really* good, barely any filler, just great flavored crab.


The deep fried stuff isn't really my cup of tea... but the crab buckets there are my fav!

Food Coma

Thank you. It may be a matter of taste, but I would never pay money for food like this. The best way to kill seafood is the cover it in chain food batter. This is why American "cuisine" is the laughing stock of the world. I've been to Joe's and swore I would never go back. I could cook a better meal blindfolded.


Hi Jess. Yes, the crab buckets with the cajun seasoning are very good here. But I do ask for a lesser amount of seasoning, so I can taste the seafood. I didn't feel like playing with my food this meal.
Hi again, FC. This is just a blog about food. I'm sorry your experience at this particular restaurant was not good. I blogged about a meal I had. It was good. I would have said if I did not like it or if it was not prepared properly, as I have done in the past about other meals. Have you enjoyed any other posts on this blog?

Food Coma

Don't get me wrong, I love this blog! I was just giving my perspective on the poisoning of America with big plates of fried starch.

I'd bet the meal cost you close to 50 bucks. For that money I could feed 6 people at any decent Viet place, Mexican seafood joint, Middle Eastern kabob hut, or Cantonese dim sum shack.

I found Joe's to be Bland Bland Bland and over priced.

Again, just my opinion, sorry to sound harsh.

But seriously, you guys to a superb job.

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