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Friday, 16 April 2010


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Alice updated..... A revised Chicken Alice Fried Chicken recipe:



never tried chicken alice's but this looks really spicy and good!


Hmmmmm give me some! ;-)
Looks good regardless and nothing beats the home cooking.


Hi Kat - Strangely, in spite of looks, the recipe is not that spicy.

Hi Bill - Thanks.... I'd love to give you some.


yummy! the recipe looks simple enough and tasty - especially the marinate overnight and then fry with no extra steps.


Awesome post Kirk. Loved reading that article on Alice too. I doubt you stepped foot in a Yoshinoya recently but have you tried their wings? They're very "sesame" and I find them strangely addicting... :)


Wooo-mama that looks delicious! I haven't made Chicken Alice wings in a long time but I'm really tempted to make a trip up to Gardena just to pick up some sauce. And lookee, right next to it is Hawaiian Chili Water!!! Double mama!!


Hi FH - It is a pretty easy recipe.

Hi Dennis - I still hav never set food in a Yoshinoya..... there's something about the place that wards me off.

Hi Carol - You can make the most of your trip by grabbing a bite (or two) while up there. It always makes for a fun road trip.


Thanks for the recipe. Its been 20 years and I still remember Chicken Alice fondly. Do you know if Parks Brand Kim Chee sauce is still available? I could not find it online. It seems that Parks Brand is now part of Halms Enterprises, but I don't see kim chee sauce in their line-up.


Hi Rita - I just bought some from Safeway on my last trip back home. I've seen it on occasion at Marukai in Gardena and Costa Mesa. So I know it is still being produced.

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