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Tuesday, 11 August 2009


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Great...another place for me to try! I think these restaurants must receive a bump in business after a not unfavorable blog from you! Did you get a chance to try their cobbler? Do they have sweet potato pie and the like?


fried okra sounds so good!


Fried foods. Now you're talking myi language! I've always wanted to try a good Southern Fried Catfish. But I'd take that red snapper anyday.


Hi Liver - Check them out.....not great, but ok. We were to full to try the Peach Cobbler, and there are a couple of other items as well.

Hi Kat - The okra was very light.....

Hi Carol - According to the Missus the snapper is much better than the catfish here.


all right! fried okra! and cat fish too! bert and i are definitely going here!


yum, fresh fried chicken. never had a hush puppy before. just read about them on wiki, and it's pretty funny how the name came about. i've never seen a restaurant that said alabama style before...interesting

wish you had had room for dessert so i could see the pics =p


Hi CC - Check them out. I think Bonnie Jean's is better though.

Hi Sawyer - Good hushpuppies are awesome. We were too stuffed for dessert........


The okra is making me drool, not unlike the drool that might ooze out of the okra itself!

I like how lightly it is battered. Although it sounds like it doesn't have a lot of seasoning, I'd use that as an excuse to douse the thing in hot sauce!


you had me at fried okra. i think i'm going to have to try to make something with okra now!


Hi Elmo - It was very light......

Hi Judy - I see some okra fried in perhaps duck fat or Foie Gras fat, coming up??? ;o)

Jesus Ruiz

I went yesterday around 7:45 and it was closed! boo! well Poppa Doc's was one of my favorite places to go to... too bad they had to shut down. I hope I like this new place... and it sucks that they removed the painting! Heard poppa doc's wife that he had health issues which caused them to close - hope he gets better.


Hi Jesus - We actually liked Papa Doc's a bit more than Stockdale's, but the folks working at Stockdale's are very nice.

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