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Thursday, 10 April 2008



ROFLOL - your experience of durian is about inline with my experience. I don't think I can really try that fruit with an open mind despite being Vietnamese - talk about a wretched fruit; deadly looking and stench of a oil refinery.

Little Miss Contrary

Welcome back--I can't wait to read about your trip! I love LA's Thai Town because the food is practically like what you would get in Thailand. The place I always go to is called Ruen-Pair, which I think is a block down from the Thailand Plaza. I highly recommend the papaya salad and grilled pork (it's really grilled pig's neck--so fatty and delicious) with sticky rice. The kao mun gai is fantastic as well.


I've always thought that I should keep an open mind when it came to durian. Then one day at a family gathering, we had a cake with a durian filling - only I didn't know it was durian. I didn't have any issues with the taste, thinking that it was a peach filling.

Later, when I was helping to clean up, I kept wondering what the bad smell was - was the sewer system in the house backing up? It was the leftover cake - and only half of it had durian filling. Talk about odiferous!


When I think of Thai's food, I would think of papaya salad and durian. I love to eat durian right after a nice strong sour/spicy papaya salad. The fresh durian is a lot softer and creamier than the frozen one. Sticky rice w/ durian topped w/ coconut can melt down the anti-sugar person in me =)


Hi, nhbilly -- glad to be so entertaining! :-) And that I'm not alone in being daunted by that fruit.

Hi LMC -- That grilled pig's neck sounds fabulous. I'll make sure to look up Ruen-Pair on my next visit. Thanks for the tip!

Hi Sandy -- oh dear, that poor cake! What is it with that smell, anyway? I keep wondering what possible evolutionary purpose it serves--repelling animals so they won't eat the fruit before it develops?

Hi yy -- now see, then I hear from durian enthusiasts like you, and I feel like I should just get over myself and give it another go. I do enjoy lots of other stinky foods, after all ...


You should consider going to Kruang Tedd - it's not like any Thai restaurant I've ever seen. It's more like a bar for the post-MTV/VH1 crowd. Anyway, their tom yum soup and crispy catfish fuu salad were so delicious.


Hey Ed--thanks for the rec, adding Kruang Tedd to my list as well. I'm getting the impression that the Thai Town night scene is definitely gone Hollywood. I read that one of those joints features a Thai Elvis impersonator. Pretty wild ...


Hey Mizducky - Yes, Thai Elvis can be seen at Thai Palms...and the food isn't bad...


Re: the durian, in my experience it should be eaten fresh or not at all. A good fresh durian is delicious and custardy, but I have never had a positive experience with durian cakes and such.


mizducky, I haven't heard wretched and vile in the same post in a long time! I love the descriptions. I tried preserved durian too recently, the same sausage roll, it tasted good until the garlic and sulfuric fumes kicked in and that lovely aftertaste of tar...


Hi Kirk--okay, Thai Palms goes on the list too ... preferably with a bunch of folks who can appreciate the experience. :-D

Hi SK--alright, fresh durian it is ... maybe even this weekend, as my easily-queased out housemate will be out of town.

Hi foodhoe--thanks! Actually, "wretched" and "vile" weren't my first word choices, but Kirk prefers we bloggers keep our language G-rated. :-D (Great handle, by the way!)

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