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Friday, 21 March 2008



My wife and I had dinner at the Villa Manila once. The waitress was so rude to us that I actually wrote a note to the owner. I have never done that before in my life.Also, I thought the food wasn't very good and way over priced.


Hi Tommy--wow, I'm sorry you had such an unpleasant experience at Villa Manila! FWIW, we had notably nice service from two extremely pleasant waitstaff at our meal, and we obviously enjoyed the food! The place is admittedly more expensive than other Filipino places I've tried so far--I think they're aiming to be more upscale or something? Anyway, maybe you might want to try them again someday ... :-)


I am not averse to trying it again but my wife won't step back in that place. The situation seemed to be a Filipino VS. Chinese thing. (my wife is Chinese)I see this quite a bit amongst different Asian people. I remember when my Japanese-American ex-girlfriend and I went to a Korean place in Portland and it was very obvious...They hated her..very uncomfortable situation.


Hi, mizducky!

That looks like quite a feast. I can see you biting into the big pork drumstick and washing it down with grog.

Tommy, that's a shame about your experience there.


Hi TLB - That sounds terrible. The funny thing is; as you know I'm Japanese and my wife is Chinese and we've eaten here many times without incident.


Just one experience.As I said, I really wasn't impressed by the food either. Honestly, I am not a huge Filipino food fan. It's just seems to be a much poorer cousin culinarily to many Asian cuisines. Like comparing Guatemalan to Mexican. I like Guatemalan food but...I'd rather eat Mexican 99% of the time. Same with Filipino and almost any other Asian food.


Hi mizducky!

Did you like the bagoong scented dishes?


Hi Howie--yeah, we were definitely having fun with that photograph!

Hi Kirk--thanks for chiming in on that point. :-)

Hi TLB--I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on Filipino food, because I'm really digging it!

Hi Bri--so far I'm liking dishes with bagoong just fine, although I think the ones I've tried so far have been pretty mild. I've gotten a whiff of the full-strength stuff so I know it's a whole lot more intense! :-D

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