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Thursday, 02 August 2007


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Wonderful pictures and a great descriptive post. You are a word chef for sure.I am ready to drive to this place right now. Looks incredible!


Yes yes. Bravo! I swear some of my best meals are imagined while reading your posts!


Hey, Ed- I haven't been eating much or doing much because of copious amounts of phlegm. However, after copious amounts of Contac which ended up being followed by copius amounts of water (1/2 gallon in 9 hours), I am all dried up and ready to post again. Now, for some reason, I have this craving for crabcakes..

ed (from Yuma)

Michael, Jan, thanks for the nice words. Personally I think Kirk is the master of this craft, and I'm just trying to fill in some gaps. But interesting to me is that in doing this post I started to understand some of the chef's ideas in regard to salads.

Cathy, that sounds yucky. Of course out here in the desert I drink more than 1/2 gallon at least every day. I go through almost a gallon a day on average.


Oh Ed. I'm so hungry...

Now I'm going to insist that The Mister takes me with him to his conference in Carmel next year. Your picture of the crab cake ought to do the trick (hehe). It's been over 15 years since last visit to Monterey. I think it's time. :-)

ed (from Yuma)

Carol, show him the picture. Do what it takes. Monterey is worth visiting.

Steamy Kitchen

i dunno...that oyster dish still looks unappetizing....if I saw that I don't think I woulda ordered it!

Behgo Behgo

wow I must say. . that is truly a outstanding crab cake haha I dont even like seafood but it looks too good to be true!

ed (from Yuma)

SK - it sure does look ugly, but very interesting flavors.

BB - the crab cake is very good, and the amount of dungeness in it is amazing considering that the harvest this year has been poor, driving the price higher.

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