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Wednesday, 15 February 2006


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love lamb kabobs!

kirk, did they put lettuce IN the gyro or pita sandwiches?

when i asked our lebanese kitchen contractor about this particular lebanese grill, he got really pissed and i thought he was gonna suicide bomb my ass, seriously.

i guess its offensive to some lebanese putting lettuce in the pita. kinda like soy sauce on the rice offensive.. i guess? anyways, he told me real lebanese don't do that kinda crap.... i took his word for it... whew...

happy bday!


Well, you can take comfort that even if your net is down you can always watch some TV ;)

clare eats

lol RAachI loce hummous and baba ganoush! But I normally make my own


I really enjoy Garden Grill. Hopefully they are doing ok. Everytime I walk/drive by they are not very busy. Will you be going to Shakespeare's Pub next on your tour of India St.?


The hummous baba ganoush app looks goooood. I want some! The greek salad looks good, too, but I want more feta! Mmmmmm cheese!
Happy Belated Valentines Schmalentines Day! Nice present you got!!


Happy Birthday! Congrats on the new plasma TV!

The pics from Garden Grill look really good. I hadn't gone there since they were Falafel King, which I thought was just kind of meh.


this is the honest truth....even before the maitre d' seated me at the table, that is, before I even started reading your today's post....I clicked on the menu to enlarge it. Little did I know that you had dedicated the menu, or at least the posting of the menu for my sake. Thus said, I owe you a few coconuts. Heck, I'll name a coconut tree after you. How's dat sound, "one coconut tree in the middle of Waikiki" named Kirk. :)

Beth - Zen Foodism

This looks delicious! What a great find! Thanks for pointing it out.

I think I'll be using your restaurant recommendations a lot more in the future b/c my husband just left his secure corporate job to start a new business and we're still wanting to eat good food out on the town, but we can't go upscale too much any more. Wah! But your recommendations are going to come in very handy! :)



Looks pretty yummy! That area is always so hard to park in, but I'll have to keep Garden Grill in mind next time I want Greek/Mediterranean food.


Isn't it addictive? It's by far the best mediterranean food I've ever had. Hopefully their next renovation will involve their seating area! Great pics, btw.


Mmm.......shish kabobs! I love 'em! Except I'm not a fan of lamb so I'd give you all my extra lamb pieces. Sooo....nan sei desu ka??? Or is that bad of me to ask? ;)


Hi Kirk,

The kabobs look delicious. I can't wait for my's only a couple of days away.

My apologies about the friends and family thing, but I'll be up your way again soon.

Hope things get better with the PC...I can feel your pain!


Garden Grill is a nice place with good food, though I think the salad dressing has too much lemon even for Lebanese standards. Overall I like the Mediterranean Cafe on Washington more since it delivers more consistent results.


Hi DCCF - I haven't had any Sandwiches here yet. Funny, lettuce in Gyros Sandwiches kind of "irk" me as well! But for some reason they don't bother me as much with kabob sandwiches...go figure!

Hi Rachel - LOL!

Hi Clare - Funny, the Missus said the hummus here is not as good as Hers...and of course I agree!

Hey Jack - Another Indian Street "institution" will be coming up soon!

Hi Jenn - Thanks! Same for you!


Hi Howie - Garden Grill is much better than Falafel King ever was.

Hi RONW - Funny, I knew you would go for the menu photo before anything else! LOL! Make sure you post a photo of the Coconut Tree named Kirk, ok?

Hi Beth - I wish Your Hubby the best of luck with His endeavors. Kady from Gourmetish also enjoy Garden Grill as well.

Hi Joan - Check out for coupons, Garden Grill always has coupons out there, so that'll make up for the parking hassles. Either that or eat really early or later in the afternoon like we do.

Hi Kady - It's good food, and well priced.

Hi Kristy - Let's see, I'm more then a bit in other words; "Wen you grad?" - like 1980!!! Yep, i'm that old!

Hi Reid - No need for apologies. One needs time for family, and other obligations. I'm sure you'll have fun! And I know we'll hook up later on this year!

Hi Honkman - Our office is within walking distance to Mediterranean Cafe, so we eat there often. All the salads I've always had there were dressed with just red wine vinegar. Med Cafe is very dependable

, and the Folks there are very nice, but I enjoy Garden Grill bit more.

Barbara Fisher

Oh, that all looks very good, Kirk.

I adore a good baba ganouj--I can't wait for summer again so I can make it with fresh eggplants out on our grill....the wood smoke really makes it good.

Is there ever really enough feta? Just wondering, because if it is good feta, I am of the opinion that the answer is no.


Hi Barbara - I guess there is no such thing as too much feta - but I think there is such a thing as too little Feta! LOL!


1980, eh? High school or college??

and thanks for the Hotel Waikiki link...very cool..

and if you want to find a slew of Mediterranian restaurants all in a row; East Main Street, El Cajon...


Hi Cathy - Yes, RONW is a hoot! And it's High School. We'll check out Main St in EC when we have a chance, thanks for the recs.


Kirk, if you go back, do try the gyros. From my recollection, they tasted like they may have been made on the premises. They were a cut above just about any other gyros I've eaten.

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