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Wednesday, 26 October 2005


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clare eats

Wow that looks great!!!!

Reid that certainly is HUGE!


Hi Kirk,

How funny is that. You post the laulau from Young's and I post a laulau I made from scratch. =)

Mine obviously didn't taste as good as the one from Young's, but there aren't really very many that do. I'm glad you enjoyed the laulau. =)

Once again, the mixed plate reigns supreme!


Hi Clare - Reid is a great Guy, huh?

Hi Reid - I thought that was really funny, makes me really take those statements about Food Blogging Biorhythms a bit more seriously. I guess I just can't get away from those mixed plates! Thanks so much for those laulau's, man they were good!


Aw man! Nothing like a good, thoughtful friend to make any day a billion times better. That looks like my type of mixed plate!


wow that was so cool of Reid again. Thanks to him we have the benefit of reading this cool post.

That mixed plate looks absolutely great! I'm glad i now know more about laulaus :) It sounds very much like my kind of food!!! Let me know if you guys ever open a restaurant. I'll make sure I fly out to support you :D


Hi Kathy - Yep, Ried really made my day!

Hi Rachel - I'm sure if that situation came up Reid would be the Exec Chef, and I'd probably be head Bottle Washer, or somethin'....


Kirk, that looks delici-yoso!!! And thanks for the tonkatsu sauce recipe...I never thought of making it myself!


Kirk/Reid: Awesome lau laus! Love it, love it, love it! Now I'm craving Hawaiian food. I'll have to try out some recipes in my Hawaiian cookbook. ;)

Mmm...katsu is one of my favorites. I love it with Thai curry. Reminds me of the Katsu Curry dish I had at Wagamama's in London. Yum!


Hi Pam - I made the sauce, because I'd run out of the bottled stuff, and was to lazy to run to the Market - it's alot more tangy than the stuff in a bottle, really easy to make.

Hi Kristy - Laulau is one of my favorites. Happy B-Day BTW!


Kirk, that lau lau looks perfect! How nice of Reid :D

Now I just finished breakfast and I'm hungry again. Thanks a lot :P


Hey Kirk: Thanks for the tanjoubi wishes! :) I love having newfound friends from our little food blogging community. ;)


Hi James - Serves you right! I always have to check out all those Loco Mocos you have over there, not to mention the Teri Burgers. :o) Call it payback.....

Hi Kristy - It's always great to be "21 again"!


What can I say...very cool of Reid to do this. Looks great.


Hi Jack - Reid is truly a "Prince".


wow, laulau!! that looks so fantastic! i never had young's laulau before. where is young's fishmarket?? have i been away from home too long??

thanks for sharing the recipe for the tonkatsu sauce!


p.s. i love your story of lola and the missus!


Hi Annie - I think it's in the Kapalama area, if I remember. Tonkatsu sauce is easy, but local style katsu sauce is even more easy - but believe it or not, I didn't have any ketchup in the house!

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