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Monday, 30 May 2005



Hey Kirk,

Nice work with the clams. I almost never cook them at home because I always thought that it was too much work. I guess not huh?

Looks good, and sounds delicious. There is a dish at Assaggio called clams casino. Not on the menu, but so delicious!


Reid - Clams are really easy if:
- They're fresh
- You don't overcook them
I've found that this is a nice base recipe that you can wack out in 20-25 minutes - 10 for prep, 10-15 to cook! You can delete the wine and add grated ginger(or galangal), coconut milk, and lemongrass, and make it Thai style; or replace the wine with 1/4 cup sake, some dashi, grated ginger and shoyu; add some good diced tomato for some "tang".....


I have a question. I have a wok that has never been used. How do I season it? It is made out of cast iron. I would appreciate if anyone could help me out. Thankyou.


Hi Nina - I've emailed you a link to some instructions you may wany to try.

jeff c

Kirk, as you can probably tell, its a slow day at the office but it gives me a chance to catch up on your posts. This is a great recipe and the first time I tasted this was at a restaurant in Los Angeles called Il Moro. I happened upon a similar recipe in Ruth Reichl's book Garlic and Sapphires. Though I think her version didn't have the parsley. I'll have to check. For some reason Parsley, garlic and butter seem to form a holy trinity of taste. If you look at garlic fries, the good ones use this same trinity.


Hi Jeffrey - Oh're going waaay back! Funny thing, I just made this again recently, I even took a photo...maybe I'll do a quick update or something. It is one of my simple go to dishes.

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